We build mobile friendly, easy to use web apps

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BrightBean excels in creating both management style web applications (ex: Portals, Case / Order Management) as well as more complex web based tools (ex: Traffic Analysis, Field Data Tools, Crane Optimization, etc.).  Our goal is to apply modern UI/UX standards to the front end to keep the apps easy to use – even if they’re solving hard problems.

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On a more technical side, BrightBean is a full stack shop with staff well versed in API and back-end design.  We’ve integrated with numerous services including Azure, AWS, NetSuite, SalesForce, Credit Bureaus, UPS, PayPal, Authorize.Net, Google Maps, Accio.

We enjoy hearing about your ideas for your next data driven app and we’re happy to share our own thoughts and experiences. Feel free to Contact Us.

In-House Development and IT Teams

Along with standalone application development, BrightBean’s engineer/programmers  often work with other development groups on larger initiatives.

We’re knowledgable and easy to work with.  Our team is very familiar with Agile processes and cadence. Our skills include front end (react,razor, jquery, ajax, etc) and back end (c#, .net core, api, azure logic and functional services, modeling). See <In House Development and IT Teams> for more detail.

Code “Takeover” and Less-than-Fulltime Support 

A number of our customers had prior developers create their initial app then leave the company or  become unavailable to support a critical company application.   BrightBean has taken over (or assisted with) such codelines and provided long term support and enhancements for such at-risk applications.

Associated Services

  • Cloud Hosting Setup and Continued Support
  • Ongoing Development (new features, bug fixes, enhancements)
  • ETL and Reporting services.
  • Project Manger / Weekly Cadence
  • UI/UX Design/Mockups
  • Testing / Documentation
  • Optimization / Operations Research (OR)

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