Extract – Transform – Load (ETL)

Mobile Sample ETL is the process of: 1)  extracting data from databases, cloud services (ex: NetSuite, Quickbooks, Ceridian, etc.) and files 2) Transforming the data into usable form for your needs 3) Saving the transformed data into a local data warehouse.  The representation of this data is often structured as to simplify reporting and analysis.

Our Value

Map Sample BrightBean has developed in-house tools to speed up the rollout of an ETL / Reporting system for your enterprise.  We typically use PowerBI for our reporting but we’re fine with whatever tools you’d prefer.

Associated Services

  • Cloud Hosting Setup and Continued Support
  • Ongoing Development (new features, bug fixes, enhancements)
  • Project Manger / Weekly Cadence
  • UI/UX Design/Mockups
  • Testing / Documentation
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