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Cloud Based:

Many of BrightBean’s cutomers choose a cloud  platform such as Azure, AWS or Google Cloud for their tech infrastructure. These platforms host the company’s databases, web applications, ETL processes, reporting, etc.   These platforms provides built-in security, easy scaling, and great performance for about the same monthly cost of a virtual private server.  

BrightBean’s Value:

We create as well as enhance our customer’s cloud systems.  A few things we often do:

– General setup of an Azure account, data and web resources, users/whitelists

– Creating and deploying web applications

– Cloud programming using cloud-based serverless and logic functions  for ETL or other processes processes,

– Data warehousing and Reporting

Example of Cloud Programming:

Your customer has a process that every morning emails you a parts request list in spreadsheet format.  Using Azure’s logic functions, we could grab these spreadsheets as soon at they hit the inbox, read the content, and save this into the database for further processing.  The original spreadsheet could even be saved in inexpensive secure blob storage for auditing or future processing. 

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