Mobile Apps from scratch

Mobile Sample For new mobile app development, BrightBean a employs hybrid approach that alllows one development effort to support multiple device types (ex: iOS, Android).  This saves on cost as well as consolidates development efforts onto a single codeline. Typically, our mobile app development has centered around corporate apps including event management, medical device monitoring, nutrition and scheduling apps. Most mobile apps require a supporting API as well as most likely a separate web based portal/administrator. We build these too.

Mobile App Enhancements / In House Support

Map Sample BrightBean provides less-than-fulltime resources to assist companies with limited IT/Development resources to support and enhance their mobile applications.   We’ve worked with prior-build applications based on React Native, Xamarin, Maui, and Swift.  On the API side, our sweet spot is .Net Core / Azure or AWS Microservics / SQL Server.

Associated Services

  • Cloud Hosting Setup and Continued Support
  • Ongoing Development (new features, bug fixes, enhancements)
  • ETL and Reporting services.
  • Project Manger / Weekly Cadence
  • UI/UX Design/Mockups
  • Testing / Documentation
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