BrightBean boasts a distinguished seven-year tenure within the intermodal industry, specializing in the development of sophisticated web and cloud-based systems tailored to automate terminal operations. Our portfolio includes cutting-edge web-based reservation applications designed to facilitate both manual and automatic appointment bookings, as well as a comprehensive Gate Management system for streamlined container pickups and drop-offs. In the realm of Stack Management, our expertise extends to the creation of onboard hostler applications for efficient job management and the implementation of stack optimization systems for seamless rail-stack load/unload processes.

Gate Systems

BrightBean has created and enhanced several gate systems for chassis and containers. These systems include, bookings, redeliveries, asset tracking with invoicing and EDI integrations. Other features included in yard operations for refrigerated containers and container cleaning/maintenance. Software of this nature helps to coordinate in yard operations, such as loading/unloading containers, with gate operations to help facilities run more efficiently. Benefits can be realized in the following areas: real time asset status, work delegation, internal communication, eliminating human error.

Hostler Job Manager

This mobile app was installed in various yard equipment to track performance and improve yard efficiency. The simple user interface design made it easy for equipment operators to track their actions through the day, eliminating the need to track these actions on paper. Operators were able to track equipment downtime and productivity delays. This allowed for data driven analysis of yard operations. As many software systems in this industry, the focus was to improve efficiency and streamline processes.

Rail Yard Logistics Optimization

We’ve developed advanced tools tailored for Rail Yard Logistics Optimization. They allow crane operators to streamline the loading and unloading of cargo onto trains. Our innovative solution includes a dynamic heatmap of inventory, providing clear visual insights into container origins and destinations. Leveraging real-time GPS tracking, the tool constantly updates the operator’s location, enabling the calculation of the next optimal moves for heightened efficiency. The system also records the number of moves each operator makes within specific timeframes, fostering a data-driven approach to operational management and performance tracking

Reservations / Terminal API

We’ve developed an application that allows import, export, and combined container appointments through the terminal APIs. Smaller trucking companies utilize this application to reserve with Terminals that don’t normally accept direct appointments due to their size. Large trucking companies can customize appointments for multiple containers as they become available. With the automated process of appointments based on custom rules, trucking organizations save time and money when containers become available during their business’ non-working hours.

Terminal Management Systems

We developed custom software architecture designed to streamline complex workflows for intermodal terminal management operations. Our solution integrates Azure Logic Apps, Function Apps, and robust data storage to accommodate a variety of critical use cases. The system is programmed to process emails sent to a noreply email address, analyzing and categorizing them based on the sender, subject, and/or attachments. Key processes managed by the system include Daily Lifts, Driver Transactions, Crane/Hostler Summaries, Inventory Management, Employee Billable Hours, Terminal Safety Records, and Work Order Management. This automation not only enhances and tracks operational efficiencies but also ensures accuracy and timeliness in managing essential terminal operations. It is fully modular and has the ability to be expanded upon without interruption

Terminal Safety Reports

We have developed a robust system for interacting with third-party platforms to enhance safety protocols. Our custom-built API serves as a gateway, supplying vital data to these platforms, allowing terminals to leverage specialized software solutions for optimal safety management. We’ve streamlined the process for terminal managers to create and submit Safety Incident Reports, which are then securely stored in databases that can be retrieved by our API. This setup ensures seamless integration and data flow. Our custom middleware solution is the key to enabling companies to effortlessly transact with other software businesses, thereby ensuring that safety management is effecti

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